Viber 6.1 Added Gif Image Support, Money Transfer, and Backup and Restore

One of the most popular messaging app on smaprtphone Viber has rolled out an update for its Android and iOS users, bringing new features.

The main thing get announced is addition of gif image support, and the much needed backup and restore feature with cloud service (iCloud or Google Drive). With this 6.1 release
you can now manually save text history, and get restore history with any kind of reinstall process. People are happy to look for addition of gif image support which helps to share animated emotions.
Another leading and integration with Western Union tech for money transfer among users across more than 200 countries is more best option available now, by this user can send cash to Western Union agent in 200 countries easily.
People also can send money directly to bank accounts this feature is limited with 50 countries. With iOS stream there is extra Apple Watch OS support available to manage with Apple’s smartwatch.
Viber also released a Universal app for Windows 10 OS. Currently Whatsapp don’t have support to gif imanges.

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