Abof-AISHA | Artificial Intelligence driven Personal Styling & Hotness Advisor

Today Abof CEO Mr. Prashant Gupta, shared a letter with all Abof subscribers for start of AISHA, Artificial Intelligence driven Styling & Hotness Advisor, it’s Facebook Messanger App, where you can chat for your fashion and wearing products requirements. Following is the letter shared today..

Hi ShopItNow,

As you know, we are constantly working to provide the best shopping experience and advice to you. To that end, we are proud to announce the launch of AISHA – Artificial Intelligence driven Styling & Hotness Advisor. She is an AI based personal fashion advisor available on Facebook messenger. You can chat with AISHA anytime, anywhere, and get fashion advice. We have been building AISHA for over a year now. It is quite user friendly and understands common fashion queries. For instance, if you are going to a party, you can get advice on how to create a look. You can also search for specific product requirements – ‘Show me red tops less than Rs 1000’. It can also provide recommendations for occasions such as – ‘Give me a party dress for evening wear’.

We are the first ever e-commerce fashion player to introduce such an advisor, it doesn’t even require you to have the abof app installed on your smartphone. Just click here and say “Hi”. The chat starts.

This is a small start. We believe that AISHA will become very sophisticated as time progresses. We will keep adding more features to it. Globally, the world is moving towards conversational commerce and with AISHA, we aim to become the SIRI/Cortana/Echo of Fashion.

Please visit our Facebook page and say Hi! to AISHA, do write to me with your thoughts and feedback on ceo@abof.adityabirla.com.


Prashant Gupta

CEO, www.abof.com – all about fashion


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